Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

gold backed cryptocurrency

A gold-backed cryptocurrency is a token that is pegged to gold and allows holders to redeem them for gold. Once they redeem, the holders must present gold tokens to the issuer. Until such time, the gold-backed cryptocurrency will exist on a public blockchain as a token. Most contemporary gold-backed cryptocurrency tokens have been issued on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 token standard. Algorand blockchain has also been used to issue gold-backed cryptocurrency tokens.


Doradocoin is a gold based cryptocurrency issued by a Chilean gold mining company. The company has not disclosed the amount of gold or the location where the gold is stored. This cryptocurrency operates on a blockchain ledger, uses an unallocated gold token, and is backed by gold produced by LBMA-approved refineries. Its popularity grew as a result of its low transaction fees, but it has been difficult to get an overview of the Doradocoin project.

One advantage of a gold backed cryptocurrency is its price stability. As long as you don’t sell it before the gold value rises, you will never lose money. And since the price of gold fluctuates, it can even increase in value more than the coin itself. Regardless of which gold-backed cryptocurrency you choose, you must understand its value and the risk associated with this type of investment. Before investing in any gold-backed cryptocurrency, you should first gain knowledge about the gold market.


The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) is the oldest gold backed cryptocurrency. It is a product of Trovio, a tech outfit based in Australia. It is the first offering of Digitized Gold. As of January 2017, the price of gold is about $1,338 per gram. While this price is not as high as the price of Bitcoin, it is still significantly higher than Ethereum.

XAUT is a stablecoin backed by gold. The underlying gold is one ounce of gold. Holders can track the actual gold assets on the Tether website. The coins are tied to a blockchain that links serialized gold to addresses. They are traded on a shared global network. Gold does not move from reserve custody. XAUT is available on several blockchains and lacks custody fees.

Perth Mint Gold Token

The Perth Mint Gold Token is the oldest gold backed cryptocurrency in the world. Developed by Trovio, an Australian tech company, the Perth Mint Gold Token is backed by physical gold. The token’s value is guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. The Trovio token can be traded for physical gold and has no transaction, storage, or management fees. It is easy to purchase and trade on the Trovio platform, with the only transaction fee being the initial deposit.

The Perth Mint Gold Token is a gold backed cryptocurrency that will trade on the KuCoin exchange. The Perth Mint is the world’s largest precious metals refiner. It is backed by GoldPass certificates, which are issued by the Perth Mint. The PMGT is backed by gold and is 100% guaranteed by the government of Western Australia. The Perth Mint claims the PMGT will allow investors to acquire physical gold through the cryptocurrency.


The digital currency DGX is backed by gold. It was issued by Digix in the ICO crowdsale. The company plans to issue more gold backed cryptocurrency tokens in the future. Although the initial offering of DGX was quite small, the company has set a high bar. To become a successful gold backed cryptocurrency, it is important to have physical gold in order to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies.

Throughout history, precious metals were used as currency. However, gold is difficult to store or transport, and there are numerous logistical problems associated with purchasing gold. DGX solves these issues by allowing its users to transfer gold anywhere. They can also trade DGX Tokens for gold. Since DGX Tokens are divisible and portable, they can be used as a hedge against the volatility of the crypto market.

Airgead Coin

The XGold Coin is another gold backed digital crypto-currency. The price of one XGC Coin is equal to one gram of gold. The Airgead Coin also aims to become a trend-setter by digitizing real-world assets and offering static currentness as a hedge against inflation. Precious metals are an excellent way to protect the wealth in cardinal bank currencies and offer a stable rescue opportunity to investors.

As a gold backed cryptocurrency, Airgeadcoin can be stored as bars and coins, and there are no management or storage fees involved. Its ecosystem makes it possible to safely store, manage, and use alloy coins and bars. The transactions are conducted using blockchain technology, which means no central bank is involved. This allows you to be your own personal bank and invest your wealth in precious metals.


The gold-backed cryptocurrency Tether offers investors the assurance that their money is protected from volatility by a large amount of physical gold. But what exactly is gold, and what is the significance of Tether as a gold-backed cryptocurrency? And who is the founder of Tether? Founder Paolo Ardo says it is a gold-backed digital asset that can be exchanged on the cryptocurrency exchanges and used like regular money.

Tether, the company behind the world’s largest stablecoin, will soon launch its first gold-backed cryptocurrency: Tether Gold. It will be available on Ethereum and TRON, and will represent a troy ounce of gold. Traders and investors alike will want to purchase it as an investment vehicle. Tether will also make Tether Gold available on other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. This new investment vehicle will provide investors with a convenient way to trade gold and get the benefits of owning both physical and digital assets.