Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

altcoin fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a popular trading platform where players can win real cryptocurrency by building the largest balance during a contest period. To win, players simply have to be the highest-balanced player by the end of the contest period. However, some contests have prizes listed in USD. For example, an Altcoin Fantasy contest in late June is giving away $650 USD, and the top 50 traders will share that prize. This way, everyone can win real money by playing Altcoin Fantasy.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about crypto currency or fantasy trading, Altcoin Fantasy might be just what you’re looking for. With more than five million users and a burgeoning community, Altcoin Fantasy offers a fun way to do both. The game has an easy to understand interface and allows players to trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets without any previous knowledge of the subject. It also includes competitive challenges, like mingguan and bulanan competitions.

Altcoin Fantasy is an ideal first step to the cryptocurrency world, as it essentially serves as a free demo account. The rewards you can earn by playing include NFT and crypto prizes. Altcoin Fantasy is financed by advertising, which means that you may be influenced by the game’s ads. However, the rewards are well worth the time you spend playing. Once you’ve mastered the game’s features and figured out which crypto currencies to purchase, Altcoin Fantasy can be a great place to start your crypto trading career.

Education platform

The Altcoin Fantasy Education platform enables you to earn real crypto by working on open source software and other aspects of website design. The platform will launch in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea in Q2 2018. Interested participants can register here to start earning real crypto. However, to be eligible for the competition, you must first pass KYC and abide by the standard T&Cs. Here are some benefits of working on the Altcoin Fantasy Education platform:

The Altcoin Fantasy Education platform is free to join and enables its users to practice their crypto trading skills. The website provides historical charts, news, and a leaderboard. The game is free to play, and the top traders of the platform will win prizes in weekly contests. While learning about the cryptocurrency, Altcoin Fantasy will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to start trading. It is possible to win real-world crypto, subscriptions, and subscriptions to popular cryptocurrency exchanges.


Interested in joining an altcoin fantasy contest? During the contest period, participants invest virtual US dollars into cryptocurrencies. They can use the virtual dollars for day trading and HODLing, and then win prizes worth over $4,000 USD. The prizes are awarded to the top 50 players in each contest. Participants can earn Loyalty Points by earning certain numbers of Altcoin Fantasy Levels. They can also use their ACF Points to enter special contests.

Anyone can enter an Altcoin fantasy contest, which offers prizes such as virtual currencies and digital goods. Users begin with a virtual $100,000 in the game and then make trades. The player who builds up the largest net worth by the end of the contest wins actual cryptocurrency and cash. The contest is open to all investors of any cryptocurrency, including ICO tokens. To enter, players must sign up for a free account. Once a player has registered, they can access the website and download the Altcoin Fantasy app.

Loyalty points

The game offers various ways for players to earn and spend Loyalty Points. The player receives a virtual $10,000 of fantasy money to start the game and can trade any of the 144 cryptos to earn more points. These points can be redeemed for real currency, which allows the player to experience the real price fluctuations of different cryptocurrencies. The game allows players to play against other players, enabling them to win a contest by choosing the highest amount of coin.

Loyalty Points are a valuable way to gain extra cryptocurrency. Altcoin Fantasy offers a unique way to learn about cryptocurrency trading. It provides a great way for newbies to earn extra income and expert users to win hundreds of dollars in competitions. Additionally, the game lets users post affiliate and referral links to earn compensation from each new signup. The virtual dollars can then be traded with the real currency to get real rewards.

Trading with real money

Unlike many other games, Altcoin Fantasy lets you trade cryptocurrency for real money and win prizes. To compete, all you need to do is have the highest balance of a particular crypto by the contest’s end date. After that, you can trade and compete against other users for real cryptocurrency. In some contests, the winners will receive everything in a single prize, while others will split the prize among the top 50 traders.

The game provides rich information to its users. You can see descriptions and historical charts of digital coins, and real-world market data from various crypto exchanges. The game also organizes contests between players so that you can try out different trading strategies. While real-time cryptocurrency trading can be risky, the Altcoin Fantasy game takes out the risk. You start with $10,000 USD of virtual cash and can choose any crypto you want.